The Worldclips Resume

The Internet is not just for the young.

Companies sometimes need experienced, knowledgeable, people to make the most of their Internet Marketing and sales presence.

Affiliate marketing program management

Affiliate marketing programs can suit businesses of any size with the support of Hosted Affiliates as a personal online sales representative. Hosted Affiliates provides software and expertise for setting up and the management of low-cost affiliate networks that market company products with little to no effort. Affiliate networks bring products and services to national and international audiences on a small marketing budget. More details at Hosted Affiliates

Online Mystery Shopping

Small and large online businesses must ensure the customer online experience meets expectations. Each project is unique and provides business feedback about customer experience and website functionality at the point of customer interaction. Online mystery shopping helps businesses retain more customers thanks to improved website experiences.You need to know what your visitors and customers experience. Take the Mystery Shopper test today.

Small business Consultant

Getting your business and products in front of the right people is essential to small business success. leveraging the popularity of social networking with the knowledge gained in a high pressure business environment specific to your business needs. Business Building strategies is one of the most efficient and effective long-term solutions for any small business.

Local bank organisation and oversight

Local banks organised by groups of community small businesses and investors offer less risk and more social responsibility within their neighbourhood. I help organise and set up systems needed to make these small financial institutions work effectively. Bank members see their investments grow faster than at traditional institutions, without participating in the questionable financial practices that resulted in the global financial meltdown. Local banks, properly organised and maintained, invest in local businesses and create a stronger wealth base for businesses and citizens throughout the community.See what a Local Bank could do for you

Online Travel Guides

I created the Original Munich Travel Guide in 1996 using only Microsoft Notepad. Through ongoing upgrades, the site is now compatible with iPhone, iPad, most Smartphones and tablets.

Current Websites

I have created a number or websites, some like have a good url name which has a value. All of these sites are used to present my knowledge and skills to any company looking for somebody to work with. This is my hobby to help people find me.

In not any special order here are the current sites

Worldclips A site showcasing a number of specific sites.

Munich City Guide  My first website, started in 1996 and still active. An English website about Munich with many links and pages of information.

Brand Ambassadors  Exploring the idea of the Party Sales concept for a wide range of products

Northampton Business Directory A local business Directory for Northamptonshire in the UK. A point for local businesses to advertise locally and free for 6 months

Experience Network An idea to provide a point for the mature person, which is still active to present their knowledge and skills

Drachsi Just a point for ideas and solutions for webmasters and design companies

SEO Clinic  Articles and information to help companies prepare their website for search engine optimisation

iWatcher  A website sell IP cameras, routers and set-ups for security cameras and webcams

Mystery Shopper  A common service in the real world, now extended to all online companies that need to know what a customer experiences when visiting their website.

Drachselsried  A small village situated in the Nature park of the Bavarian Forest in Germany

Hosted Affiliates Using affiliates has been the norm for many large companies. A great method to have many sales points, now available for any company on a limited budget.

Northampton Marketing A contact point and a base for articles of benefit to website owners and marketing companies. You can find me there as well.



  • Started a UK electronics company and exported 85% percent worldwide, including the US, China, Russia and most of Europe
  • Worked for a major American broadcaster in Munich, Germany
  • Specialised in revenue sharing contracts with international companies as Content Partner Manager for British Telecom in Munich.
  • Renovated a home in the Bavarian Forest near Munich
  • Prepared to help your business with my diverse range of knowledge and Internet business skills.
  • Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow, sometime soon you might need somebody to help solve an Internet Marketing problem, or just be an extra pair hands as and when needed. First step is to make contact then see how things develop.