Website Audit

Audit of a website

It has been called many things, a website review, website audit, website evaluation, but we prefer the term Mystery Shopper. There are many reasons why it is good to have a 6 month check of a website by an independent source. If you don’t know what your visitor/customer does, how do you know it is working correctly?

Web design agencies create a website, possibly arrange hosting and maybe have a monthly retainer. If there is no input from the business, not much gets done. A survey confirmed 60% of business owners never visited their own website. A good website can boost company accounts as it has a Brand value.

Request an independent Mystery Shopper visit today, you could be surprised at the results and recommendations.


Interested in Party Sales?

Most people have heard of party sales, be it Tupperware or Avon Cosmetics. But the concept has received a major boost with the Internet playing a major part. P. S. can now play a part in the marketing of a business, its products and services by using other websites to market and promote on-line.

Marketing just got easier and cheaper

Marketing can be expensive but using Party Sales as a way for other websites to create a revenue stream. It is just a matter of creating the format and let others do the promoting. More on the concept at Brand Ambassadors The technique can be used by any sized company and is recognised as proven solution to limit budgets.


Drachsi provides website services

Many companies fail to realise that a successful website can have a major affect on sales and on the Brand name. For many owners it is nice to have, end of story. But personal experiences of surfing the web, visiting websites for information, will confirm a not always happy experience. Most business websites are breaking UK and other laws.

Could be out of date information, some site still show a Copyright year of 2013, which confirms the site is not kept up to date. Broken links, missing images, slow pages and after a few seconds the potential customer has left.

Many businesses have no idea where visitors come from and what they do when on the website. It is not the fault of the website designer, it is owner that is not interested that is the problem. So let Drachsi with its Website Support Services take a look and see if there a few simple things that could make a big difference. We are budget tolerant.

Northampton Business Directory

Northampton Business Directory

The local business Directory for Northamptonshire now has more than 500 local monthly visitors. So it makes sense if a business is based in Northamptonshire, to take advantage of the free listing service available. But many companies don’t.

The problem seems to be a lack of knowledge how a qualified link from a local Directory can be a major boost to an existing business website.

Only for Northamptonshire

Check out the Northampton Business Directory if you are based in the county. More news from this site will be added shortly.

Why a Portfolio?

Worldclips is a portfolio website

Worldclips Portfolio

This portfolio does not have any products or services to sell. The primary function is to provide a link to other websites I created. Please select any image in the slider presentation that is of interest, and you will be transferred.

All of the sites are designed to either help small businesses, provide website services, or solve a problem. I hope you enjoy this portfolio.

I used the pseudonym Drachsi as a common name across many of my websites.


Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017

2017 has started and lots of New Year resolutions have been made, maybe some already broken. One resolution that should be made and kept, is to think about the world we live in and how can an individual make any difference. Remember the old slogan “Yes we can”? Please take 2 minuets to view this video narrated by Julia Roberts then make your resolution. Becoming an environmental activist is still not a crime in most countries.

More excellent videos that should be seen by the worlds population are at Conservation International