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I’m Pete

Welcome to my Worldclips Portfolio of websites. This is my hobby. I created the first website in 1996 with a text editor and a copy of the .NET magazine.

Due to the website, landed a very nice job with British Telecom in 1997.

Click on the websites shown below, and you can explore my work. The image shown here was taken in my garden and has not been edited. Enjoy.

Support Ukraine

Support Ukraine


About Me

I have always enjoyed the Internet and the benefits it could bring to my life.  Life now without this technology would be impossible for many people, including me. Cannot believe I reached this age.

I was fortunate to take early retirement, and made the most of it.

Now I spend my time thinking up ideas and solutions, and using skills learnt over time to create websites which have a purpose and benefits

Discover how I waste my time.

My Worldclips Portfolio

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Suggestions and Ideas

Have an idea that needs developing into a website. Maybe I can help.

Website Promotion

Never stop marketing and promoting a business website. it is the future.

Developing Solutions

A full lifetime has provided many experiences and solutions. Maybe I can help your business.

A helping hand

I love my hobby and still have time to help others.




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