The Worldclips Portfolio of websites

The Worldclips Portfolio of current websites shows a wide range of possibilities for any small company to expand and increase sales using Internet technology.

Small business consultancy services

The future of sales lies in e-commerce, and I help business owners capitalise on the future of the internet. Hosted Affiliates builds stable, user-friendly online commerce platforms supporting new and existing customers. We consult with companies about customer analytics, providing valuable insights for targeted sales, tactics and traffic generation. Our small business consultancy services design and implement the best search engine optimisation strategies and e-commerce solutions for your small business.

Online Mystery Shopping

I help small businesses ensure the customer online experience meets expectations using my online mystery shopper programs. I give businesses feedback about customer experience and website functionality at the point of customer interaction. Online mystery shopping helps businesses retain more customers thanks to improved website experiences.

Small business branding

Online branding campaigns deliver much higher returns on investment than direct marketing. Getting your business and products in front of the right people is essential to small business success. I leverage the popularity of social networking with the art of designing marketing packages specific to your business and target audience. Engage your audience with your business using appropriate resources for the size and sector of your business. Branding, using affiliate marketing and other business-building strategies, is one of the most efficient and effective long-term marketing solutions for small businesses.

Online Travel Guides

I created the Original Munich Travel Guide in 1996 using only Microsoft Notepad. Through ongoing upgrades, the site is now compatible with iPhone, iPad, most Smartphones and tablets. The travel guide is even available in eBook format, making it convenient for travellers anywhere.

Other Useful Websites

Northampton Business Directory free for local businesses, Website Support Services at the Drachsi website.

 About the website owner

  • Started a UK electronics company and exported 85 percent worldwide
  • Worked for a major American broadcaster in Munich, Germany
  • Specialised in revenue sharing contracts with international companies as Content Partner Manager for British Telecom in Munich.
  • Renovated a home in the Bavarian Forest near Munich
  • Prepared to help your small business with my diverse range of knowledge and skills.

Let the Worldclips Portfolio show you what is possible and how I could help you, it is after all just my hobby.