New Worldclips launched

What is Worldclips?

After many false starts, the new function of Worldclips is to be a window onto different ideas and solutions for company and website owners. There are millions of sites available, all promising or delivering something. Worldclips only showcases other websites which I own. The slide presentation is a simple method to show what is possible. Each advertisement links to the respective website, where more detailed information is available. I am happy to discuss almost any relationship that can use my knowledge, experience and passion.

If you think there is the possibility of co-operation please use the form available on each site or the simple contact form on this site.

Worldclips Update


In the New Year, Worldclips will have a new direction and focus. We are sorry to all the image creators and photographers which were part of our early days, but there are much better websites, with more resources than we could every make available.