What is Worldclips About?
This portal is designed to bring together a number of my individual sites that provide a source of ideas and solutions. Each in it's own way provides answers and solutions to business owners seeking experienced staff.  There are many small jobs that need to be done to keep a website operational and producing results. Check out the articles to see if I can help. For web design and marketing companies, providing value added support services.
Build a Sales Network
Every business needs sales. How these sales are achieved is a matter for each company, no single source will provide all the sales a company can handle. Small companies face a challenge operating and managing a dedicated sales force. Now there is a solution that could benefit most companies on a limited budget. Worth considering before your competitors do.
About Me
Each website is designed to offer an idea or solution you might find of value and request details. The slides showcase some of my solutions and is not a complete list. I would much prefer working with a company to help their company grow, using life experiences and being able to contribute is more important than building my business. This is my hobby.
Mystery Shopping
The terminology may be new to you, but it is a well known and respected business strategy to understand how a traditional "Bricks & Mortar" business customer uses and views their business, whether it is a hotel, super market or fashion store, all use secret shoppers to understand the real customers motivations and any underlying problems. Now for E-commerce websites